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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy involves promoting a child’s independence of their everyday activities.

Some examples:

  • Children learn through play and consider it ‘work’. Pretend play ability is linked to language, narrative language, and story comprehension, all important skills to have when a child starts to learn to read.
  • Handwriting skills increase as the child starts and progresses through school. Fine motor skills are important in preschool as a child learns to hold, manipulate and use a pencil.
  • Running, jumping, balance and ball skills (gross motor skills) are important skills to master at a young age. Gross motor skills are needed for lots of everyday activities like standing on one leg to get dressed, sitting at a table to eat or write, having the endurance to manage a full day of school, playing a team sport.
  • Self care skills like dressing, using a knife and fork, going to the toilet independently, tying laces and organising belongings are examples of everyday activities we expect a child to master at a certain age.

Knowing the social rules to be able to make and keep friends are important building blocks for adulthood.

Ruth Hickson is currently providing a private Occupational Therapy service to children aged between 2 and 16 years. In addition she runs a clinic in Mungindi in remote NorthWest NSW every 6-8 weeks.

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If you are concerned about your child’s development or their ability to perform everyday activities in a similar way to children their own age, please contact us for a FREE 30 minute consultation